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Reasons Why You Should Use A Lubricant

Sex is fun. It is a great way to relieve stress and a pleasant way to wind down. But when people think of sex they think about the act. The bad news is that in some cases, not all of us are ready for sex when this happens, a bottle of lubricant can save the day and make things easier. Lube is readily available over the counter and in many groceries and pharmacies around the world. But according to studies, only around 33% of Americans use lube during sex. Here are some of the best reasons to stock up on lube if you aren’t already.


Spontaneous sex is not only hot it can also be surprising. Lube can help speed things up along especially when you’re not ready. Even with foreplay, your body might not cooperate immediately and lube can help things along.

Don’t Dry Out

Condoms are important during sex especially if you don’t want to get pregnant. Aside from unwanted pregnancies, condoms are also important when you want to prevent STIs. The problem with condoms is that they can dry you out. Make your love making last by using lots of lube. The best water-based lube will make the sensation feel more natural so it seems like you’re not using lube at all.

Masturbate Easier

One of the best ways to get the most out of your masturbation sessions is to use some lubricant. As with sex, getting aroused while going solo can take some time. But when you squirt on some lube it can make masturbation more arousing and fun. For best results, put on some lube on the outside of your fleshlight and on your palms. Women can simply squirt some on their fingers and spread for an easier session.

Check out this link for more sexy ways to use lube.


Using lube can add variety to your sex life. Married couple who want some variation to their routine can use lube to spice things up. Flavored lube is great for oral sex. According to the latest lube reviews, water based lubricants like Trojan H20 mimics a woman’s natural lubrication, making it feel like the real deal.

Marathon Sessions

Lube is also very handy when it comes to marathon sex sessions. There are instances where the desire is already there but the body is not yet ready. But with lube, you’re always ready to go. Sex is also lasts longer when couples use lube because the vagina does not dry out.


What better way to give an erotic massage by using lube instead of massage oil? The best lube for this job is a water-based one. Simply rub some on your hands to warm up and massage your partner. Spice it up by giving an erotic one instead of just the “regular”.

Play More

According to studies using toys in bed can double the pleasure especially with the help of lubricant. Using sex toys like fleshlights and dildos is a great way to vary sex. It adds an element of excitement and kinkiness to the bedroom. There are lots of sexy markets where you can buy lots of toys.

My Meet Up With an Old Flame

Or should I say meat up? I hadn’t seen Darren in ages, since before my photography career began taking off in fact. So when I ran into him at a Starbucks downtown (so cliché I know, but where else do you run into people these days) I was physically shocked by how awesome he looked. We chatted over her lattes for a couple of minutes, before I very obviously handed him my new number and told him I wanted to hear from him very soon.

Darrin is the guy who first got me turned onto the bondage scene, and after I left him (too many complications as in other women) I took my new sex passion and combined it with my passion for photography. He has always been a horn dog, so I was not surprised to answer my phone just before lunch to his voice. We chose a lunch spot conveniently located in the lobby of a local hotel, but before even sitting down, we decided to skip the formality and just go for room service upstairs instead.


I have to admit, I had brought along my portfolio and camera gear, eager to show off to Darrin just how far I had taken the bondage fetish he got me started on. He was very impressed with my work, and suggested taking a few pics of me himself. It was so hot to be handled by this man who knew exactly what I liked, and I eagerly gave in to his every command. I had also brought along my trusty fleshlight, and once in position encouraged him to get jacked up first.

Using a fleshlight in my sex-capades has become my new thing. A lot of the guys I mess around with just get too damn hot by tying me up that they can’t hold out long enough to make the whole thing worth my while. The fleshlight solves that by getting them off fast just by the show, giving me a second round that lasts and rocks me inside and out.

Darrin loved getting off on how I looked getting off from being all tied up. And once we had each satisfied ourselves, it was time to get to each other. Darrin was just as awesome as I remembered him to be, taking me to places that my body doesn’t get to go very often. It was so sexy to be with a guy who already knew how I liked the licks to feel, and where I where I liked them to go. That lunch break certainly was a banging success.

So will I play with Darrin again? I see no reason not to. For now I am all into the casual thing, and with his skills, and lack of commitment, he fits that role to a tee.


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